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Safin’s Mom and Murray’s Mom

More of the Women behind the Men series with Marat Safin / Dinara Safina‘s Mom and Andy / Jamie Murray‘s mom.

You wouldn’t mess with Marat Safin. And you certainly wouldn’t mess with his mum. Rauza Islanova was a good enough player to be ranked in the top five in the former Soviet Union but it is in her role as coach that she came to prominence, with Safin, his sister Dinara Safina, Anna Kournikova and Elena Dementieva all coming through the famous Spartak Club in Moscow, where Marat’s father happened to be the director. Islanova used to take Marat along to the club when she was working and coached the future world No 1 between the ages of six and 13, before sending him packing to Spain, where facilities were much easier to come by. Famed as a hard task-master, she knew her own mind and was never afraid to speak it.

Needless to say, there were times when he children didn’t listen to her but her track record is second to none. Both Safin and Safina became No 1 and many, many more made it thanks to her coaching and moulding.

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Judy, a former Scottish national champion (she was the tartan Chris Evert), did not take kindly to past suggestions by Boris Becker and others that she was too closely involved with Andy’s career. “The apron strings stuff is ridiculous – Andy lives in Surrey, and lived in Wandsworth, South London, for a number of years before that. I have always lived in Scotland. But there are people who really think I travel with him around the world telling him what to do. I only attend six or seven competitions a year. There have been times when I have been around more often, but that has been when he is having a tough time and needs support.”

As Steve Bierley, the former tennis correspondent for The Guardian, once said, “Judy Murray should be held personally responsible for the ills of British tennis; she stopped producing children after she had Andy.”

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From the Australian Open – January 20, 2013

Is this Hard Courts or Clay? Two French tennis players (Gael Monfils and Gilles Simon play a point with a 71 ball rally).

Some Tweets from other Pro’s during the match:


Watching Monfils v Simon.One has a leg problem and can’t run much or serve and the other has a hand problem and can’t serve or play forehand

Ivan Ljubicic@theljubicic

Can somebody explain me what in the world is going on here???  

More Tweets at:


A Good article on 14 year old Sara Tomic (I think you can figure out who her brother is):

Eyeing the future: Sara Tomic wins her first-round juniors match on Saturday. Eyeing the future: Sara Tomic wins her first-round juniors match on Saturday. Photo: Sebastian Costanzo

IF SARA Tomic is less ambitious than her big brother, she doesn’t have much catching up to do. She has big ideas: to become the best player in the world, to win grand slam tournaments, to win more of them than Bernard does. Trouble is, she’s still only 14. ”That’s still the plan and I’ll get there,” she said. ”I want to get there so fast, but I have to slow down. It takes time, a lot of dedication, hard work.”

She’s off to a good start. Tomic made it to the quarter-finals of a tournament in Traralgon last week and yesterday won her first-round juniors match at the Open, dropping the first set but talking herself through it. She was pleased she found a way, that she had believed in herself, but soon afterwards her thoughts had turned to something else: getting up into Bernard’s box to watch him play Roger Federer.

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/sport/tennis/anything-bernard-can-do-i-can-do-8230-says-sara-20130119-2d085.html#ixzz2IUaxXOrZ

Kei Nishikori makes Sushi

.@keinishikori took time out to make some sushi yesterday #ausopen #atp #tennis pic.twitter.com/fCzJdy3S


Judy Murray Tennis Cake
judmoo judy murray16h
My kind of tennis court. Made out of icing and chocolate. Sweet. pic.twitter.com/wA2lIw5D

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