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Maryse Gasquet & Gloria Connors

More of “The Tennis Space” Women behind the Men series:

Today, a double header.

Maryse Gasquet – no one would dispute that Gasquet’s mother, along with his father Francis, have been hugely influential on the Frenchman’s career. If Gasquet’s parents had not been tennis coaches, it is questionable whether Richard would ever have taken to the sport. Or whether he would have appeared, at the age of nine, on the cover of France’s tennis magazine with the caption: ‘Is Richard G the champion France is eagerly waiting for?’ (Though many would suggest that his fame before his tenth birthday harmed him more than it helped him). And would he have such a fabulous one-handed backhand?

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Jimmy Connors was a cage-fighter of a tennis player. For that, thank/blame (delete depending on your point of view) his mother Gloria, truly a tennis matriarch. She would urge little Jimmy to “play like a crazed animal”, and “to knock the ball down my throat, and he learned to do this because he found out that if I had the chance I would knock it down his”.

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