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Mirka Vavrinec – Mrs. Roger Federer

The last in the series of the Women behind the Men of the ATP from “The Tennis Space” blog.

In recent years, she has become Mrs Federer and then a mother, giving birth to twin daughters in 2009. But her commitment to Federer did not slow down one bit; instead she just upped sticks, packed a few extra bags, hired some nannies and continued to accompany her man around the world. In the near four years since they got married, Federer has won four grand slam titles and continues to hang around the very top of the game, winning his record 17th grand slam crown at Wimbledon last summer.

“It is just incredible that she’s willing to make all of that effort. I’m happy that it’s this way, because anything else would make it more difficult to compete and to play at the highest levels. It would basically be impossible.”

Read the whole article – HERE

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