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U.S.Open Tickets and more

You will notice links to Rapid Fire Tickets on the right side of the Blog Homepage.  Rapid Fire has tickets for the U.S.Open and for other tennis events.  If you type in ADK in the discount box when you order, you will get a 2% discount (full disclosure, we get a small finders fee when you order).  They also have tickets for most other sporting events and events all over, such as concerts and shows.  There is a link on the homepage for the Yankee’s, Met’s, Red Sox, Giants, Patriots and Syracuse Orange.  I could have put the Knick’s, Nets, Islander’s, Bill’s, Devil’s… you get the idea.  They have just about everything, but there is only so much room on the homepage for that.  There is also links for local events at Proctor’s, the Palace, the Times Union Center and the Glens Falls Civic Center.  If you are looking for tickets, particularly hard to find ones, I recommend Rapid Fire.  Now, for how this all came about.

This weekend I am going down to New York City to attend the Tennis Teachers Conference and staying down for Monday’s opening round at the U.S.Open so I needed to find a ticket for the Open.  I perused the usual suspects (Ticketmaster, Tickets Now, Stub Hub, etc.) and finally saw a ticket I was happy with at a site called Rapid Fire Tickets.  The site is not as polished as Stub Hub, but you pay for that.  I checked off the email delivery for $8 – Stub Hub is $4.95 PLUS a $15 service charge – Rapid Fire has no service charges.  It turned out that the ticket was not available for email delivery, so I got a call from the owner right away the following morning.  We determined that I could pick it up at the New York City ticket broker where the ticket was located.  He quickly called me back with the hours of operation for the broker and I will be picking up my ticket this weekend.  Oh, he also changed the deliver cost.  It went down from $8 to $3 because I was picking it up – again, Stub Hub charges no delivery fee if you pick it u,p BUT there is still  the $15 service charge.  All in all, I was very happy with my experience.  Too bad I didn’t work out the discount deal before I bought my own tickets 🙂

Rapid Fire Tickets Main Ticket Site – CLICK HERE

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