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Tweet, Tweet – Week of February 1

Lots of links to click but the content is worth it.

TPPTennis Parent Probs ‏@10SParentProbs

Wouldn’t it be lovely if everyone’s ranking reflected how good they think they are? Or how good their mother thinks they are?

@EuroToDollar That’s so last yr. I did make a gif of it tho… so you can relive the moment http://twitpic.com/88wqth/full


Serve and volleyHank Pfister: Here are some tips from USPTA Professional and former ATP play… http://bit.ly/10XhxGJ  #tennis #fitness

SHOT PATTERNS – MORE RETURN PATTERNS – Rick Vetter: Learn which return-of-serve patterns yield t… http://bit.ly/SFLGLr  #tennis #health

Wasted Tennis Strings Go to Good Use: The Stringlet! http://wp.me/p1YSMk-72  via

New Tumblr Post rafaelnadalfans: REBLOG /LIKE this photo if you are counting… http://ow.ly/2uvcPj

What an awesome article…Roger Federer and the Case of the Wounded Tiger: http://tinyurl.com/9cbuext  #tennis #federer

January 13. 2011 Tweets

MicaelaBryan Micaela Bryan 19h
My daddy (@Bryanbros) and the guy that looks like my daddy (@Bryanbrothers) did it again! @sydneytennis pic.twitter.com/o4uKN8bA
(So this is what they do with their trophies) – Ed
Bryan Baby

Whoever said tennis was a great family bonding experience never shared a room with my husband and daughter. Trust me. It’s not.

samgroth Animals in the player lounge #snake #python #scared #getthisthingoffme

CLICK HERE for this picture

It’s not just a story about the favorites @AustralianOpen, there will surely be a couple Cinderellas too http://www.tennisspin.net/2013/01/australian-open-preview-cinderella.html …

Here is an excerpt from this article:

January 12, 2013

Australian Open Preview: Cinderella Stories

A couple players come to Melbourne at career highs, others at recent lows. Some of the favorites may be vulnerable, and a couple just out of seeding territory might just be ready to pounce. And while upsets could happen anywhere, being classified as a real Cinderella will need a combination of luck, timing and talent. So this year I’ll be scanning the draws for some potential spoilers and pick a pair of players who, if everything goes their way, might just find themselves fighting for a semifinal spot.

Read the whole article – HERE

2012 WTA Player Awards

The annual WTA Player Awards celebrate the best of the WTA each year, on and off the court, and now you can help decide winners in five categories for the 2012 WTA Player Awards – Fan Favorite Singles Player, Fan Favorite Doubles Team, Fan Favorite Twitter, Fan Favorite Facebook and Fan Favorite Video. Voting runs from Monday, November 19 to Sunday, November 25, 2012.

CLICK HERE to vote for your favorite player, doubles team, Twitter feed, Facebook page, video from the 2012 WTA season

Fans – Tennis

Talk about bugging Out






So who has the most “Fans” on FacebookRoger Federer (11,838,140) but while Roger has slightly more “Fans” on Facebook that Nadal – 11,341,889 – Nadal also has 3,347,544 “Followers” on Twitter for a total of 14,689,433.  Sharapova has 8,600,852 Facebook “Fans”.  Djokovic has 3,807,966 combined fans and followers while Serena has 4,542,723.  Anna Kournikova still has 1,846,049 Facebook Fans, Venus has 2,061,737 Fans and Followers and Andy Murray has 2,180,095 Fans and Followers.  No other tennis player has more the 1 million. For a complete list of the top 96 tennis players on social media go to:



Misc Facebook and Twitter and Youtube

Andy MurrayFacebook

Getting all the media done yesterday

And no disrespect to the media guys but Make-A-Wish is much more rewarding

THE TSONGA WIT – Twitter picture from Tsonga who recently ran into a fire hydrant while jogging and had to get stitches..

As reported in Tennis World, after taking home an Olympic bronze in tennis, Juan Martín del Potro recently visited Mayo Clinic surgeon Dr. Richard Berger and posted a picture with an update for fans on his Facebook page. He thanked Dr. Berger for seeing him on a Sunday and ruling out injury to ligaments and tendons, before prescribing treatment and rest for a few days.

The Argentine tennis star said Dr. Berger believes he will be able to play at the U.S. Open and that he will see Dr. Berger again after the tournament.

Agnieszka Radwanska went on a shopping trip to Outlet City Metzingen before the tournament.

Vania King

At the hospital visiting children with@SlavaSays and @JackSock


Bethanie MattekSands   –  Morning press conference over looking the water with @vanopen. Thanks so much for having me here. pic.twitter.com/axZgTD6Q




It’s a Wig

Maria Sharapova with short hair? Sharapova posted pictures on her Twitter account of her with short hair.  The reesults? 8,000 comments and 32,000 Likes.  On the “Busted Racquet ” Blog (Yahoo Sports), Chris Chase explained “Maria Sharapova fooled us all. Two days after posting pictures of a new, short haircut on Facebook, the tennis star revealed that they were a fake. She revealed Wednesday that she was wearing a wig in the two photos that caused an international uproar.”

CLICK HERE for all of the details.

For the record, Sharapova turned 25 on Friday.

Tweeting Again

It’s been a while since we did a top tennis tweets of the week.  Some of these come from SI’s Cortney Nguyen and her “Beyond the Baseline ” blog.  (CLICK HERE FOR HER WEEKLY TWEET POSTING).  I recommend her blog.  It is great reading.

* *  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

NOTE:  This was his last tournament before retiring.

* *  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A tennis ball walks into a bar. The barman says, “Have you been served?”

ReTweeted by Ryan Harrison

* *  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Congrats to @JohnIsner for breaking in top10 and having a great week!Congrats to Roger Federer for winning another big title in IW
(Novak Djokovic after Isner beat him at Indian Wells – a Classy thing to do)
* *  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Romi Cvitkovic @Tennis Romi   I just said, all the tennis aside, it’s just really good to see her. When you see someone that’s gone through…” (cont’d)

.. so much and come back to play the game of tennis, it’s just you have so much respect for the person.”/end

This is what Sharapova said to Alisa Kleybanova former top 20 player who was diagnosted with Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer in July.  Kleybnova posted on her WTA website page in February “treatments were successful, my doctors are happy with my health and I’m feeling great!”

* *  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Alina Jidkova @AlinaJidkova  Every day I see players who are happy because they won. And players who are sad because they lost. And I always want to hug both.

* *  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bethanie MattekSands  @BMATTEK    Was walking into the locker room at my gym and I actually paused to make sure I had my player credential on…

* *  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This picture from Milos Raonic  @milosraonic  Raonic  Gonzalez in a h=Hummer golf cart:

* *  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 Janko Tipsarevic @tipsarevicjanko   Thumbs up for the service at JW Marriott Marquis.I asked for some ice for a ice bath and they brought this,4 of ’em

Tweets about Tennis – February 2012

Cashier at Macy’s saw my long beach state sweatshirt and asked “football or basketball ” I told her tennis

Twitter is like tennis sweet and addictive

So excited. I can not wait for tennis weather.

Ryan Harrison@ryanharrison92
Couldn’t be more excited and proud to be a part of the Davis cup team. Mardy, John and Mike showed tremendous guts and heart out there. USA

Check out Bob Ryland he’s 91 years old and still plays tennis! Thanks for the update LaWanda Watts. fb.me/HIwZAqx0

This Weeks top tennis tweets

Rafa’s got a brand new bag

Rafael Nadal debuted a new tennis bag (on account of forgetting his regular one). It has wheels … and its own Twitter account.

Nadal’s trolley bag kills me. Looks like he’s navigating ohare, heading to Cedar Rapids for the big trade show.

Need a new alarm song. Mine is currently Hold On by Wilson Phillips. Who’d have thought you could get sick of Wilson Phillips?

Alla Kudryavtseva takes a shot at Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s name for their baby.

On the subject of famous people… Blue Ivy is a good name for a child?Is it even a pretty plant?Despite the fact that’s its a parasite?

Mats Merkel, a regular hitting partner for Wozniacki, reminisces about Caro’s tall tale about being attacked by a kangaroo last year.

There is finally footage of the epic attack of a kangaroo against @CaroWozniacki@adidastennis lockerz.com/s/173429072

From Sports Illustrated “Beyond the Baseline” blog – CLICK HERE FOR AL OF THE TWEETS

Irene and tennis – Story 2

Hurricane Irene – Ultimate Party Crasher

Written by: Staff on 27th August 2011
From “10sBalls.com”

Pictured: Sabine Lisicki

Well, she has already caused the cancellation of Arthur Ashe Kids Day which is seen as the Official kick-off to the US Open by kids and Adults. It’s a chance for the players to let loose a little bit before it’s all business. Not only were fans robbed but so were the players. And not just of participating in this event but because of “Miss Irene” the players can’t practice on the courts they will be playing on to get a feel for it.

Some players are stocking up to ride out the Hurricane while others are still wondering how they will even get to NY. Sabine Lisicki is having a great week by getting to a Final but her worry is how she will get to NY. Aravane Rezai, Lisicki’s opponent in the Final today in Dallas, is also in the main draw of the US Open. Rezai doesn’t have an active Twitter but I wouldn’t doubt that she is as concerned as Lisicki.

Below is a rundown of the tweets from players around Twitter about this pesky party crasher.

@TipsarevicJanko: Early practice before…well…that Irene chick hits us…

@Feliciano_Lopez: Mi amiga IRENE esta a punto de llegar..x si acaso entreno 8.30am..que sueño tengo..nunca habia visto NY tan vacio.

(My friend Irene is about to get here… I might practice at 8:30… I’m soo sleepy… I’ve never seen NY so empty.)

@picomonaco: Flushing m . Sorry ! Esperando a irene.. Abriganos jesus !

(Waiting on Irene… Jesus protect us)

@MisaKrajicek: Seeing the seriousness of #HurricaneIrene coming towards NYC, there will be no practise for me today or tomorrow #usopen

@MardyFish: Bring it Irene! http://img.ly/7LGm

@JuanIChela: Hoy cuando pase Irene voy a sacar la cabeza por la ventana asi me queda el peinado del pibe Valderrama

(When Irene passes by today I will stick me head out the window, so that i can have hair like Valderrama)

@JuanIChela: Por favor a la gente encargada de ponerle nombre a los huracanes al proximo ponganle Isabeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel

(Please, whoever names the hurricanes please name the next one Isabel)

@JuanIChela: Me voy a atar en el poste de la red como en la pelicula twister a ver que onda

(I’m going to tie myself to the phone post, just like in the movie twister, i wonder how it feels)

@JuanIChela: Podemos aprovechar y grabar la 2da parte de Irene y yo y mi otro yo

(We should take the opportunity to film the second part of the movie – “Irene y yo y mi otro yo”

)@EVesnina001: Early hit this morning,rain at the end of practice,so dark outside,will try to leave in few minutes back to my room,which is on 30floor!Oops

@gidulko: Tenis de 7.45am a 9.15…gimnacio y ahora al hotel, se puso muy feo el cielo en n.y ! A quedarse adentro y mirar a Irene por la ventana

(Played tennis from 7:45 to 9:1… went to the gym now back to the hotel, the sky turned really ugly here in NY! Time to stay inside and to watch Irene pass by through the hotel window)

@SvetlanaK27: Im not sure how big the huracain will be!but i m sure that shops sold tons of food!

@SvetlanaK27: i just hope the phone like will keep workin ,as my mom will by worry! and internet to watch movies))) and have food !all i neeeed!

@SvetlanaK27: oh and friends may come over so have quiete talk ,gossiping a bit

@Elena Baltacha: On our way back to the hotel now..will need to stock up on food,then wait for Irene to pass by x

@Elena_Baltacha: Fridge all stocked up..now we wait…x

@SabineLisicki: All flights to NYC are cancelled for next few days…how are we going to get there!?!? @sorana_cirstea http://pic.twitter.com/U6jf52O

@nastia_pav: Hit 10 mins this morning!more than enough!:) don’t wanna stay 2 days in the hotel room!watched all the movies already!don’t have karaoke

@nastia_pav: Machine with me either!shame all the shops are closed!(Joke)what can I do instead?!any alternatives?:P

@ivokarlovic: Gym at #usopen looks like refuge camp. I had to step over 4 Argentines, 3 Franchies and couple of unidentified players to get to dumbbells

@andreapetkovic: This is my home for the next days. Never mind the half naked women above, I’ll change it to something more appropriate. http://yfrog.com/kghy5ruj

@andreapetkovic: …. like half naked men for example.

@M_Granollers: cierran el club hoy a las 5 hasta el lunes,yo ya estoy en el hotel,por si acaso el huracan se adelanta..

(They are closing the club until 5 on Monday, i;m at the hotel already just incase the storm creeps up faster than expected)

@LDavenport76: Hoping everyone on the east coast and my friends/colleagues in NYC will be ok through Irene.

@MirzaSania: Driving around Manhattan..looking for food for the next 2 days..Irene is not even here and its already being a pain in the neck!

@shaharpeer: Got up at 6am to practice! had a practice from 7:45-10:00 and guess what happened at 10:02?? RAIN!!! im sssooo lucky :-)

@shaharpeer: for the next 2 days no way to play :-)

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