Trivia Answers – Updated

Q. The winner of the Boys 18 Hard Court Nationals at Kalamazoo and the Girls 18 Hard Courts at San Diego get what prize.

They get a wild card into the MAIN DRAW  Men’s and Women’s Draws at the U.S. Open.

Q: How long was the longest professional singles game.

The game lasted for 80 points and featured  37 deuces.  Anthony Fawcett (Rhodesia) and Keith Glass (Great Britain) played in the  first round of the Surrey, Great Britain Championships at Surbiton, Surrey, Great Britain on 26 May 1975. It lasted 31 min.

Q: When did the OPEN era of tennis start. 


Q. Who is the highest career earner in tennis history?

Pete Sampras pocketed a phenomenal $41,994,440 during his career when he turned professional in 1988 to August 2001.

Q. How far should a tennis ball bounce if it is dropped from a height of 100″ .

A. Between 53″ & 58″

Q: What did Goran Ivanisevic refrain from doing at Wimbledon in 1994, to win a $2,000 bet?

Throwing his racquet

Q: What gonzo tennis brothers threw autographed potatoes into the crowd at an Idaho match?

Luke and Murphy Jensen

Q: What tennis star won 129 of 130 matches during one stretch in the 1980s?

Martina Navratilova

Q: What U.S. tennis star’s father boxed for the Iranian Olympic team?

Andre Agassi’s

Q: Who is the only man to win the U.S. Open singles championship on grass, clay and hard court surfaces?

Jimmy Connors

Q: Who is the only men’s professional tennis player to win at least 90% of his matches in a given year, in four separate years?

Ivan Lendl

Q: What is the record for the most consecutive points won by an ace in a professional match – how many and by whom?

Sam Querrey – 10 aces – against James Blake 2007 Indianapolis Quarter Finals

See Video Here

Q: Who has the record for the most double faults in a match?

1-In 5 sets Marc Rosset of Switzerland who served 30 in a Davis cup match in 2001 vs. Arnaud Clement of France, in a match where Clement won 15-13 in the 5th set, 30 doubles in a match is an all time record

2-In a 4 set match again Marc Rosset of Switzerland who served 26 in a match at Wimbledon 1995 against M. Joyce

3-In a 3 set match Guillermo Coria of Argentina served 23 against Keifer, Monte Carlo 2006

4 -In a 2 set match Again 16 Guillermo Coria of Argentina with 16 against A.Di Mauro at Acapulco in 2006.

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