This is excerpted from an article I recently posted on Tennis Recruiting.  It is the first in a series of articles about college tennis that I am writing for the Tennis Recruiting web site.  To read the whole article go to:


or to the Tennis Recruiting Home Page:

http://www.tennisrecruiting.net/ (the article will be on the home page for a limited time).

Dan Greenberg, coach of the national champion Williams College men’s tennis team, says, “‘When someone asks me, ‘Why D-III?,’ I honestly say, ‘Why not?'”

Greenberg continues:


Dan Greenberg of Williams
courtesy, Williams Athletics

“Financially, many schools in Division III can provide need- and merit-based aid that exceeds the money available for D-I athletic scholarships. D-III seems like a great option for the majority of high school athletes looking to take their games – and their lives – to the next level.”

Emory‘s Amy Bryant also comments:

“In Division III tennis there is something for everyone. With over 400 schools to choose from, there is a wide spectrum of levels and resources. But, generally speaking, in Division III athletics the overall student-athlete experience is emphasized. So, for example, a D-III student-athlete can typically study abroad, where in D-I or D-II an extended period away from training may be frowned upon.”

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