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Albany Sectional Closed

This past weekend, clubs throughout our area hosted some of the best junior players in the Eastern Section.  The tournament actually started the previous week with th qualifying rounds for those players who were not ranked high enough to get into the main draws. Here is a recap:

BOYS & GIRLS 12 and Unders at Capital Region Tennis & Fitness

Boys FinalRonan Jachuck (Slingerlands) def. Oliver Jevtovic (Astoria) 6-2, 6-3

Boys  3rd/4th Place Playoff – Igor Maslov (Brooklyn) def. Benjamin Grossman (Sands Point) by Default – Injury

Girls Final – Brianna Omar (Franklin Lakes, NJ) def. Dasha Kourkina (Brooklyn) 6-1, 6-0

Girls 3rd/4th Place Playoff – Andrea Cerdan (Bloomfield, NJ) def. Michelle Sorokko (Little Neck) 7-6 (2), 6-3

Local PlayersIn the Boys Qualifier Evan Wagle (Niskayuna) defeated Justin Cadaeu (West Orange, NJ) 6-2, 6-0 to earn a spot in the main draw.  His sister Elise made it to the main draw as an onsite alternate  when somebody dropped out.  Both lost in the 1st round and in the consolation rounds.  Evan was the second seed in the Boys Qualifier.  Ronan was the only other Northern Regional player in the main draw.  He was the top seed and he lived up to his seeding by running through the tournament without losing a set – he actually lost only 9 games total in the 5 matches he played.  Elise earned her lucky loser status with a first round Qualifier win over Nina Campos (Eastchester) 6-4, 6-2.

Boys Top seeds & FinalistsRonan Jachuck ranked 7th in the Eastern Section (48th Nationally), Oliver Jevtovic is ranked 11th (323rd Nationally).

Girls Top seeds & Finalists Dasha Kourkina ranked 4th in the Eastern Section (22nd Nationally), Andrea Cerdan is ranked 6th (90th Nationally), Brianna Omar is ranked 17th (104th Nationally).

BOYS & GIRLS 14 and Unders at Tri City

Boys Final – Abhijeet Joshi (Millington, NJ) def. John Speicher (Webster) 6-2, 0-6, 6-2

Boys  3rd/4th Place Playoff – Mac Kiger (Katonah) def. John Drake (Buffalo) 6-3, 6-3

Girls Final – Rachel Lim (Briarcliff Manor) def. Lauren Haukova Elmsford) 6-3, 6-1

Girls 3rd/4th Place Playoff – Courtney Provan (Watchung, NJ) def. Courtney Ollis (Montebello) 6-0, 6-2

Local PlayersIn the Qualifying Tournament only Jacqueline Bornt (Wynantskill) won and that win was by and Emergency Withdrawal.  In the Main Draw Jackie lost her matches.  Ritwik Mishra got in to the Main Draw as a lucky loser and also lost his Main Draw matches.  Nisha Detchprohm (Niskayuna) drew 4th seeded Aleksandra Bekirova (Brooklyn) 6-1, 6-4.  In the consolation round Nisha beat Nicole Kozinski (Lancaster) 6-0, 6-2 before losing to 8th seeded Victoria Sec (New York City) 6-1, 6-3.

Boys Top seeds & Finalists – Abhijeet Joshi ranked 2nd in the Eastern Section (76th Nationally), John Speicher is ranked 5th (37th Nationally).

Girls Top seeds & Finalists – Courtney Provan ranked 4th in the Eastern Section (88th Nationally), Lauren Haukova is ranked 9th (183rd Nationally), Rachel Lim is ranked 10th (236th Nationally).

BOYS & GIRLS 16 and Unders at Sportime / Schenectady

Boys Final – Alexander Lebedev (Island Park) def. Matthew Gamble (Webster) 6-1, 6-4

Boys  3rd/4th Place Playoff – Daniel Grunberger (Great Neck) def. Jordan Benjamin (Fairport) Walkover (Emergency)

Girls Final – Elizabeth Tsvetkov (Brooklyn) def. Kylie Wilcox (Greenwich, CT) 6-4, 6-2

Girls 3rd/4th Place Playoff – Alexa Graham (Garden City) def. Anna Ulyashchenko (Brooklyn) 6-1, 6-0

Local PlayersNo local players won a round in the main draw.  Mia Fallati (Loudonville) and Ann Phillips (Niskayuna) got to the  Main Draw as lucky losers.  Ann beat Albany Academy’s Mia Dicaprio in the first round of the Qualifyer.  Clair Schmitz was the only local player who made it directly into the Main Draw.

Boys Top seeds & Finalists – Daniel Grunberger is ranked 2nd in the Eastern Section (32nd Nationally).  Kyle Mautner is ranked 4th (57th Nationally).  Winner Alex Lebedev is ranked 7th (46th Nationally).  

Girls Top seeds & Finalists – Kylie Wilcox ranked 8th in the Eastern Section (204th Nationally), Elizabeth Tsvetkov is ranked 13th (208th Nationally), Sabrina Xiong – 2nd seed –  is ranked 12th (151st Nationally).

GIRLS 18 and Unders at the Saratoga Y

Girls Final – Jacqueline Urbinati def. Valerie Shklover (Fair Lawn, NJ) 6-1, 6-4

Girls 3rd/4th Place Playoff – Louisa Fernandez (Pittsford) def. Ariana Rodriguez (Bronx) 6-0, 6-2

Local Players –  There was only 30 players in the tournament so there was only a Main Draw.  Section 2 Champion Shannon Mukerji played but was unable to win a round in this tough age group.

Girls Top seeds & Finalists – Ariana Rodriguez is ranked 7th in the Eastern Section (186th Nationally).  Valerie Shklover is ranked 6th (293rd Nationally).  Jackie Urbinati is ranked 10th (330th Nationally). 

Presidents Week Tournament & National Points – 2013

Logo 5Capital Region will be hosting a Level 1 Junior Tennis Tournament February 17-22 with a unique twist.  While the Singles events count toward Eastern Section rankings, the Doubles points count toward sectional ranking AND national ranking.  Because of the large number of participants the events are staggered throughout the week (schedule of events is below).    10 and Unders will be best of two sets with a match tiebreaker to 10 played to determine the winner if the players split the first and second sets.  10 and Unders will be played on a regular court using Green Low Compression balls.   The other age group events will use regular yellow balls.  The singles events feature a modified feed in consolation.  We will play as many rounds of the backdraw as we can schedule within the 2 day window of play.  Instead of a pro set to 8 in the doubles, we will use a mini set format – two out of 3 sets to 4 games.  That allows players to use normal doubles strategies including changing of serving and receiving order between sets.  To sign up for the tournament go to the tournament homepage – HERE


Schedule of events are as follows:

Girls 10 and Under – Sunday, Monday

Girls 12 and Under – Sunday, Monday

Girls 14 andUnder – Thursday,Friday

Girls 16 and Under – Thursday, Friday

Girls 18 and Under – Sunday, Monday

Boys 10 and Under – Tuesday, Wednesday

Boys 12 and Under – Sunday, Monday

Boys 14 and Under – Wednesday, Thursday

Boys 16 and Under – Tuesday, Wednesday

Boys 18 and Under – Monday, Tuesday

Matches are played during the daytime hours usually between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Doubles will be played on the same days as the event singles are played.

Locals at the Albany Sectional Championships

Many Northern Region players are playing in the upcoming Sectional Championships which are being played in our region.  Note – Main Draw times are not out yet.  The Qualifiers will be played this weekend, the Main Draw will be the following weekend.  The Girls 18 only has 32 entries so all of the entries go into the Main Draw.

Logo 5BOYS 12 and Unders – Capital Region

Evan Wagle (Niskayuna) is the 2nd seed in the Qualifier.  He plays 12:30 Saturday.

Ronan Jachuck (Slingerlands) is the top seed in the Main Draw.

GIRLS 12 and Unders – Capital Region

Elise Wagle (Niskayuna) is the 3rd Seed in the Qualifier.  She plays at 11:00 Saturday.

Christine Lee (Schenectady) is in the Qualifier.  She plays at 11:00 Saturday.

Tri CityBOYS 14 and Unders – Tri City

Ritwik Mishra (Clifton Park) is in the Qualifier.  He plays Saturday at Noon.

Jeffrey Martin (Niskayuna) is in the Qualifier.  He plays Saturday at Noon.

Conners O’Brien (Rensselaer) is in the Qualifier.  He plays Saturday at Noon.

Michael Haelen (New Baltimore) is in the Main Draw.

GIRLS 14 and Unders – Tri City

Jacqueline Bornt (Wynantskill) is in the Qualifier.  She plays Saturday at 10:30.

Nisha Detchprohm is in the Main Draw.

Sportime Logo - ColorBOYS 16 and Unders – Sportime

Peter Campito  (Loudonville) is in the Qualifier.  He plays Saturday at Noon.

Anthony O’Connell (Troy) is in the Qualifier.  He plays Saturday at Noon.

Albert Lee (Loudonville) is in the Qualifier.  He plays Saturday at Noon.

Alex Federov (Guilderland) is in the Qualifier.  He plays Saturday at 10:30.

Jason Cadwalader (Cooperstown) is in the Qualifier.  He plays Saturday at 10:30.

Michael Zhu (Guilderland) is in the Qualifier.  He plays Saturday at 9:00.

Joaquin Rossen (Ballston Spa) is in the Qualifier.  He plays Saturday at 9:00.

Nicholas Lau (Niskayuna) is in the Qualifier.  He plays Saturday at 9:00.

Alex Demetreus (Ballston Spa) is in the Qualifier.  He plays Saturday at 4:30.

Justin Hsu (Niskayuna) is in the Qualifier.  He plays Saturday at 9:00.

Josh Sagaille (Schenectady) is in the Qualifier.  He plays Saturday at Noon.

GIRLS 16 and Unders – Sportime

Elizabeth Buckley (Delmar) is in the Qualifier.  She plays Saturday at 10:30.

Mia Dicaprio (Schenectady) is in the Qualifier.  She plays Saturday at 10:30.

Mia Fallati (Loudonville) is in the Qualifier.  She plays Saturday at 10:30.

Ann Phillips (Niskayuna) is in the Qualifier.  She plays Saturday at 10:30.

Claire Schmitz (Scotia) is in the Main Draw.

Saratoga YGIRLS 18 and Unders – Saratoga Y

Shannon Mukerji (Albany) is playing.


BG12 and Unders @ Capital Region

BG14 and Unders at Tri City

BG16 and Unders at Sportime

G18 and Unders at The Saratoga Y

Winning Albany

In 10 days we will have the qualifying rounds for the Albany Sectional Championships.  Each USTA Section gets several tournaments that qualify for Sectional rankings AND National rankings.  This is the only one of those tournaments that is played in our area.  The Boys and Girls 12 and Unders are played at Capital Region.  The Boys and Girls 14 and Unders are played at Tri City.  The Boys and Girls 16 and Unders are played at Sportime and the Girls 18 and Unders are played at the Saratoga Y.

How do the players that win these events do afterwards?  I decided to track the rankings results of the tournament winners from last year.

So the logical place to start is the youngest age group.  The 12 and Under Boys event was won by Gary Fishkin (Staten Island, NY) last year.  Gary was the 3rd seed and came into the event ranked 13th, he ended the year ranked #1.   Aleksandra Bekirova  (Brooklyn, NY) was the top seed and she was 7th in the Eastern Section rankings at the time.  Aleksandra’s year end ranking was 4th.

Onto the 14 and Unders.  Madison Battaglia (Cold Springs Harbor, NY) was the top seed and she was ranked 2nd coming into the tournament.  Madison was playing in the 16’s by the end of the year but she never made it past #2 and actually dropped to #5 at one point.  She is currently ranked 19th in the 16 and Unders.  Sam Turchetta (Pound Ridge, NY) was only the 8th seed in the Boys 14’s.  He came into the event ranked 26th.  He is currently ranked 3rd.

Josh Silverstein of Great Neck, NY  is currently the top ranked boy in the 16 and Unders.  He was 6th going into last years Sectional in Albany.  Girls winner Jessica Golovin (New York City) is also currently the #1 ranked player.  She started last years event as the 11th ranked player in the Eastern Section.

The 18 and Unders were played in other Regions.  We can see winning Albany is a good experience for most of these players and it looks like it leads to bigger things.  Let’s see what future stars this years tournaments bring.

Level 1B Tri City Christmas Challenger

Tri City

Results are online for the Tri City Christmas Junior Tournament.  This event has been going on for 15 years.


Here are

The winners and finalists in the singles:

Boys 14  Viraj Kumar (Poughquag, NY) def. Jeff Martin (Niskayuna) 4-6, 6-4, 6-1

Boys 16  George Gramatikov (Vestal, NY) def. Anthony O’Connell (Troy) 6-1, 7-5

Boys 18  Emerson Kelby (Oneonta) def. Mark Fallati (Larchmont, NY) 3-6, 6-2, 7-6 (11)

Girls 14  Julia Wagner (Auburn, NY) def. Jackie Bornt (Wynantskill) 6-2, 6-4

Girls 16  Mia Fallati (Loudonville) def. Elise Wagle (Niskayuna) 6-4, 6-3

The winners of the doubles:

Boys 14  Zach Handelman & Matthew Ziegler (both of Niskayuna)

Boys 16  Nicholas Lau & Russell Santos (also from Niskayuna)

Boys 18  Ryan Brady (Loudonville) & Mark Fallati (Larchmont)

Girls 14  Christina Lau & Lesley Santos (another all Niskayuna team)

See all of the tournament results at the web site – HERE

Schmitz leads the Women’s Way

Claire SchmitzClaire Schmitz of Scotia (Emma Willard) is the top ranked Women’s Open tennis player in the Eastern Section.  Joining her in the top 10 is #8 Caitlin Crowley of Glenville.  It’s great to see local players like Schmitz and Crowley doing so well in the adult rankings. The local talent doesn’t stop there.  Two local players are tied for 13th – U Albany’s Cathryn Crummey and Germantown’s Marika Lindholm.  Lisa Allison of Averill Park is 23rd and Sarah Kandath – who plays her college tennis at Brown University – is 26th.  Rounding out the top 50 is: Elizabeth Byrne-Chartrand (Saratoga Springs); Kristin Williams (Gallupville); Betsy Breaznell (Delmar); Nisha Detchprohm (Niskayuna) and Emily Laurilliard (RPI).  Other players who got ranking points from wins are: Keishorea Armstrong (Emma Willard); Chassidy King (Emma Willard); Mia DiCaprio (Albany Academy) and Debbie VanAnden (Queensbury).

Tri City Christmas Junior Tournament

Tri CityLooking for something to do while you are off from school?  It’s a great time for a tennis tournament.  Tri City will be hosting the Tri City Christmas Challenger December 26-27.  The tournament features singles and doubles for Boys and Girls ages 12-18.  For more information or to enter – CLICK HERE

Local Tournament Results

We recently had two tournaments in the area.  A Level 1B at Sportime over Thanksgiving weekend and an adult tournament this past weekend at Tri City.  Here are the winners:

Sportime Level 1B

Boys 12 & Unders

Robbie Werdiger (New York City) defeated Edwin Yang (Troy) 6-0, 6-0

Boys 14 & Unders

Nathan Romig (Cazenovia, NY) defeated Jeff Martin (Niskayuna) 6-3, 6-0

Boys 16 & Unders

Brent Boleslav of Syracuse beat twin brother Garrett 6-2, 6-2

Boys 18 & Unders

Jon Selegean (East Elmhurst, NY) defeated Matt Bunch (Burnt Hills) 7-6, 6-2

Girls 12 & Unders

Christine Lee (Niskayuna, NY) defeated Marielle Maple (Clifton Park) 6-1, 6-1

 Girls 14 & Unders

Sera Satkowski (Montgomery, NY) defeated Elise Wagle (Niskayuna) 6-1, 6-3

Tri City Christmas Championships – Adult

Men’s Open Singles

Andy Schechter (Latham) defeated Emerson Kelby (Oneonta) 6-3, 6-2

Men’s Open Doubles

Andy Schechter (Latham) / Dave Denny (Ballston Lake) and

Tom Schmitz (Scotia) / Phiilip Sykes  (Clifton Park) Results to follow

 Men’s 45 Singles

Gene Cox (Niskayuna) defeated Maurice Green (Salt Point, NY) 6-3, 6-4

Northern Regional Men’s Open Rankings (November 30, 2012)

As we near the end of the ranking year, let’s look at the Northern Regional Men who have Sectional rankings.

Ryan Schmitz of Scotia tops the list.  Ryan is ranked 18th in singles in the Eastern Section.  Ryan is currently playing 2nd singles and 1st doubles for the Siena Saints and he was the 2010 Section 2 singles champion, while Siena’s #3 player, Michael Amico, a former Section 2 Doubles Champion from Bethlehem is ranked 247th.  Ryan is also ranked 9th in doubles with brother Rob and 10th in doubles with Larbi Lamzouri.  Larbi is ranked 13th with Reinaldo Riveros as his partner.  Last year’s Section 2 Champion, Stefan Kuhar is 317th in singles, while Chris Frost, the 2011 Champion is 182nd in singles.  Another former Section 2 champion – and 2 time New York State High School Champion – Matt Kandath of Gansevoort, is ranked 66th in the Eastern Section – singles.  Matt is finishing up his college tennis career at Stanford.  Kandath and Kuhar both played #1 for the Albany Academy and both represented Section 2 at states throughout their high school careers.  Oneonta’s Emerson Kelby is tied with Matt at 66th.  Bethlehem’s current #1 player, Rohine Bose, is ranked 74th in the section in singles.  Kelby and Bose also made it to High School States last year.  Lars Olson of Doane Stuart is currently ranked 149th.  Mitch Burhoe (Glens Falls High School) is 242nd.  Connor Doud – Ballston Spa – is 312th.  Schenectady High School’s Josh Sagaille is 341st.  University of Chicago Freshman Jake Crawford (Clinton, NY) is ranked 174th, while St. Lawrence University Freshman Rob Schmitz (Scotia) is 126th.  Stefan Kuhar, Rob Schmitz, Rohine Bose and Mitch Burhoe finished 1,2,3, 4 at Sectionals last year, while Lars Olson made it to the quarter finals.  Rohine Bose teams with Karan Narula of Poughkeepsie to form the 13th ranked doubles team.  Others playing doubles are: Olson/Bose (30th); and Kelby/Rob Schmitz (41st).

The third highest ranked local singles player is Tri City pro Andy Schechter.  Andy’s Eastern singles ranking is  26th.  He teams with Michael Amico as the 30th ranked doubles team.  Local teaching pro Larbi Lamzouri is 31st in the Eastern Section in singles.  Jorge Falla, father of World #61 Alejandro Falla is ranked 44th in singles (Eastern Section).  Jorge teaches out of the Utica area in the summertime.  Curt Speerschneider, the Skidmore Women’s Head Tennis Coach is ranked 247th, while former Assistant Pro Jerod Huston is 317th.  Jerod teaches out of the Saratoga Y.  Bill Brahler (Saratoga Springs) and Sam Woods (Cambridge) both teach out of the Saratoga Y too and are both ranked 342nd.  Bill is the Director of Tennis at the Y and is the Head Pro at the Saratoga Golf and Polo Club.  Bill is ranked 10th in doubles with fellow pro Paul Arciero.

The Van Cotts – Ian (64 in the East in singles) and Alex (101 in the East in singles) – are playing their college tennis at Tulane University.  They are ranked 30th in doubles.

Green Island’s Eric O’Hearn (98th in singles) and Argyle’s Tom Reifenheiser (100th in singles) round out the area contingency in the top 100 in the Eastern Section.

The other players with rankings from their wins are: Hachi Vo (Clifton Park – 153); Kenan Hadzic (Sauquoit – 169); Rick Fenner (Clinton – 172); Paul Warren (Schenectady – 185); Emilio Pagan-Yourno (Scotia – 185); Atsuro Inada (Rensselaer – 194); Michael Sitts (Gloversville – 198); David Lenciewicz (Albany – 198); Scott Smith (Clinton – 226); Vishnu Kakuturi (New Hartford – 226); Brian Johnson (Latham – 342).  Other doubles teams with points based on their winnings are: Sherwin So/John Lockwood – 13; Peter Dumas/Jonathan Dorin – 13; Phiilip Sykes/Tom Schmitz – 27; Tom Bain/Sherwin So -30; Andy Schecter/Brian Onofry – 30; Gene Cox/Greg Bellcourt – 30; Anthony O’Connell/Peter Campito (41st); Joe Nocera/Paul Warren – 41; Tom Begley/D.H.Chung – 41; Charlie Ellis/Alex Federov – 47; Nolan Carl/Ryan Brady – 47; Joe Holm/Ryan Schmitz – 47; Chris Frost/Ryan Schmitz – 47; Mikchael Donadio – 47; Justin Hsu/Hachi Vo – 47; and Francesco Asano/Reinaldo Riveros – 67

It’s great to see so many players from our region with wins and points.

A few notes on the rankings.  Rankings are based on points so it should not be assumed that a player with a higher ranking is a better player or that a player with a lower ranking is worse.  If a player only plays one tournament they will not have a lot of points, even if they win it.  A player who plays 6 tournaments and wins a few rounds will probably have a higher ranking.  Also, in the adult rankings - USTA Eastern - a player who losses in the first round is awarded a point.  I did not include players whose rankings are a result of those points.

Elise Wagle at the Little Mo and more

Elise Wagle played the Little Mo National Championship tournament this past weekend in Austin Texas.  Elise entered the event as the 4th seeded and lived up to her seeding by beating Sarah Streller of Edmond Oklahoma in the first round 6-0, 6-0.  In the second round Elise beat Eva Melissa Tasdemir 6-3, 4-6, 6-2.  In the semi finals Elise ran into top seeded Charlotte Owensby of Boca Raton, Florida.  Charlotte won the match 6-0, 6-1.  The finals are tomorrow.

Three Cardinal players collected victories on Saturday afternoon in the round of 32 at the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) Northwest Regional Championships.

Matt Kandath continued his winning ways at the ITA Northwest Regionals with a 6-3, 6-3 win over Oliver Jamin of Gonzaga.  Matt teamed with Nolan Paige in doubles and they started out with a win over Seif Elsherbini and Thomas Hunt of Saint Mary’s 8-4. UInfortunately they lost in the second round to Thai Tu and Will Schumacher of University of San Fransisco (8-3).  Watch for future updates from the later rounds.  Matt played Oregon’s Robin Campier today but the rsults are not online yet.

Local Tournament Scene – September 2012

Ryan Schmitz

This weekend saw two local tournaments – a $3,000 Adult money tournament at Sportime and a Level 2 Open Junior tournament at Emma Willard.

The big bucks were won by local pro Larbi Lamzouri. Larbi won the singles by a score of 6-2, 6-0 over Gregory Schweitzer of Florence, Mass.  Larbi’s closet match was against Luke Granger – formerly captain of the Skidmore Men’s team (6-4, 7-5).  Larbi beat doubles partner and Siena star Ryan Schmitz of Scotia 6-2, 6-4.  Ryan and Larbi teamed up to win the Men’s Open Doubles by a score of 6-1, 6-4 over the team of Peter Czajka (Clifton, NJ) and Tony Wilkey of Vero Beach, Florida.

Caitlin Crowley of Burnt Hills beat Niskayuna star Nisha Detchprohm 6-3, 4-6, 10-2 in the Womens Open finals.  Donna Barvoets and Dee Fallati took the Womens Open Doubles 7-6, 6-2 over Mia and Patti DiCaprio.

In the age group draws Nick Zacharczenko won over Players Choice owner Terry Cassilo 6-0, 6-0 in the Mens 35’s.  The 45’s was won by Scott Bellcourt in a walkover due to an injury.  In the 65’s, Shenendehowa Head Coach Bill MacArthur took out Stephen Sudarsky of East Hartford, Conn.

Now on to my tournament at Emma Willard.  We had a lot of great kids.  The Boys 12’s was won by Evan Wagle (6-3, 6-1 over Alex Demoly).  The 14’s went to Alex Demetreus (a 6-1, 6-2 winner over Jon-Robert Corasanti of New Hartford).  Ethan Baker of Burnt Hills took the Boys 16’s and top seeded Alexander Ojugbeli of Chittenango bested Matt Bunch of Burnt Hills 6-3, 7-6 (4).

On the Girl’s side Victoria O’Leary of Lake Placid took the 12’s and her sister Georgia took the 16’s with a win over Emma Willard’s Ziqian Feng 7-5, 6-1.  Sarah Corasanti took the Girls 14’s while Hannah Friend – Academy of the Holy Names – bested Emma Willard’s Grace Smith 7-6 (4), 6-2.

There are no results in yet for the Frances Greenburger Adult tournament at the Old Chatham Tennis Club.

Colonie Country Club is running a Level 1B tournament, the weekend of September 29 (CLICK HERE for more information)

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Coming up next month is the Indian Summer Level 2 Open Junior tournament at Sportime (starts October 6th) and the Tri City Columbus Day Championships – Adult.

Indian Summer Level 2

Tri City Columbus Day Adult

$3,000 Sportime Adult Tournament

Emma Willard Level 2 Open

Adult Rankings – Northern Region – Mens Singles – September 2012

While there are no Northern Regional Men in the Top 20 in the Eastern Section, there is no shortage of Highly ranked players from the Northern Region either.  Ryan Schmitz leads the way with a 10-6 record.  Ryan is ranked 26th in the Section. He won the Schenectady Open and lost in the finals of the Tri City Memorial Day Tournament.  Ryan is playing his college tennis at Siena as is Michael Amico who is ranked 244th.  The ranking is deceptive as Michael has only played one adult tournament this year.  Look for that number to improve.  The Siena Saint’s had their annual match against the Alumni on Saturday, results are not yet online.  They start their match play schedule on the 22nd when they host St. Francis at Noon.

Next up is Tri City pro Andy Schecther who is 32nd. Andy has an 8-2 record which includes winning the Tri City Mayor’s Cup tournament in March and last year’s Tri City Christmas Championships.  The rankings are based on the last 12 months.  Interesting enough he beat 60th ranked Emerson Kelby of Oneonta three times including 2 times in finals.  Emerson played only 3 adult tournaments and other than his 3 losses to Andy was undefeated.  Emerson has a 5-3 record.  Emerson is tied with RPI Assistant Coach Larbi Lamzouri at 60th.  Larbi wonthe Tri City Memorial Day Classic by beating Ryan 6-7 (9), 7-5, 6-3 in the finals.  He also had wins in the big $5,000 tournaments at Colonie Country Club.

Ian Van Cott is ranked 59th but he also just played two $5,000 money tournaments at Colonie Country Club so he earned his points the hard way.  Along the way, Ian had wins over 10th ranked Sean Jardinico (7-5 retired injury); 15th ranked Raphael Almedia (6-3, 6-4) and 21st ranked Ryan McCormick (6-1, 6-1).  Both of his losses were in the semi finals.  Once to 128th ranked Alexander Centenari who plays for Dartmouth (more on Centenari – CLICK HERE).  Ian’s other loss was to Matt Kandath from Gansevoort who stands at 62nd.  Matt only played the one tournament but made it to the finals before losing to Alexandre Lacroix.  Lacroix is currently ranked 751st in the world and has won $6,620 on the ATP tour for his career so far (singles and doubles combined).  Lacroix played his college tennis at Floridaand had an impressive career. (Finished career as Florida’s all-time leader in overall wins (214), doubles victories (104) and tied for fourth in singles wins (110)…ITA All-American in singles and doubles with Sekou Bangoura Jr., becoming the fifth player to receive four All-American honors in UF history…Finished the season ranked eighth nationally in singles and 12th (with Bangoura) and 29th (with Nassim Slilam) in doubles…).  Matt starts his Senor year at Stanford with the Napa Valley Classic on September 21st.  Check back for future information about Matt.

Jorge Falla, ranked 85, is the senior man on this list.  You would never guess he’s 50 years old.  Jorge had a 3-2 record, only playing two big money tournaments.  Jorge is the proud father of Alejandro Falla who is ranked 52nd in the world on the ATP tour.

Green Island’s Eric O’Hearn is ranked 94th and Argyle’s Tom Reifenheiser is ranked 95th.  Alex Van Cott is ranked 98th. Alex just played the one tournament and it included an impressive win over 10th ranked Sean Jardinico 6-0, 6-1.  He also lost to Alexandre Lacroix.

Players ranked 100-200 were Ron Schmitz (Scotia – 124th); Hachi Vo (Clifton Park – 151st); RickFenner (Clinton – 168th); Jake Crawford (Clinton and University of Chicago – 168th); Chris Frost (Niskayuna and Middlebury College – 178th); Emilio Pagan-Yourno (Scotia – 180th); Juan Bitanga (Albany – 192nd); John Taft (Queensbury, Formerly Oneonta College – 192nd) and David Lencewicz (Albany – 197th).

Players ranked 200-300 are Rohin Bose (Bethlehem – 218th); Vishnu Kakuturi (New Hartford – 222nd); Scott Smith (Clinton – 222nd); Mitch Burhoe (Glens Falls – 239th); Curt Speerschneider (Skidmore Women’s Coach – 244th).

Other area players include Connor Doud, Jerod Huston, Stefan Kuhar, Bill Brahler, Sam Woods, Brian Johnson and Josh Sagaille


RPI Women’s Fundraiser




      Saturday, Sept. 8th, 2012

(Rain date Sunday, Sept. 9th, 2012)


Who:            Theevent is open to high school/junior players, college players, professionals and adults (pretty much anyone!)

Events:       Coed Doubles (women’s, men’s or mixed doubles is allowed)

Men’s Singles

Women’s Singles

Entry Fees:  Entry fees are $10 for singles and $20 per doubles team

Location:     RPI Sharp Tennis Courts

Time:           Doubles will start at 9AM, Singles will start at 1PM.

Register:     Please register by Thursday, September 6th at 5 PM.  For more information or to register, please contact:


Erica Hollot
RPI Women’s Tennis Coach



                      Please make checks payable to RPI Women’s Tennis

 ****Money raised will help support the RPI Women’s Tennis program**** 



Rankings – Our Adults go National

In the Men’s 45’s National rankings you will find two Northern Region players.  Mike Taber of Saratoga Springs is ranked  178th.  Tim Waters is ranked 247th. Unfortunately both players got their points in walkovers but it’s great to see our players out there competing in National events.  In the 65’s, Bill MacArthur is ranked 49th with a 10-5 overall record in National tournaments.  Most recently, Bill won the 65’s in the Chaffee-Hart-Alden tournament at Williams College over the weekend of July 20th.  In June he got to the finals of the Jack Dorsey Memorial Tournament.  At the Jack Dorsey tournament he beat Phillip Lucas who is #14 in the country in the 65’s – a good win.  In January he played the West Coast Super Grand Prix at Sterling Oak and won two rounds before losing to 13th ranked Armisteed Neely.  He also played the West Coast Super Grand Prix the week before at Colonial and won 2 rounds before losing to 7th ranked Donald Long in 3 sets.  It’s been a good ranking year for Bill.  Now he concentrates on coaching Girls varsity tennis at Shenendehowa.  Mike Finnerty of East Berne is ranked 87th Nationally in the 70 and Overs.  Mike also played the Chaffee-Hart-Alden tournament where he had a quarter final win but lost to the #47 player – George Lynch – in the semi finals.

In the women’s we have Marika Lindholm of Germantown who is ranked 36th.  If you are a regular reader of this blog you might recognize the name.  Her kids – Ella and Jonas – have had a good deal of success in local junior tournaments.  Marika got her points by winning two tournaments at Colonie Country Club this summer.  She also played National Hardcourts but did not win a round there.  Marika is also ranked 31st in the 45 and Overs.  She got her points by winning the Tri County Open so she needs to defend those points in a few weeks.  She also got points with a win at the National Indoors and two wins at the Westchester Greenwich Women’s Championships.  In the Women’s 50’s – it’s Marika Lindholm again at #19.  She was helped by two walkovers at National Grasscourts and a retirement although she was up 6-1, 2-1 at the time of the retirement.  She also won all three rounds to take the title at the Senior Slams at Yale University.  In the Women’s 60 and Overs we have Linda Friedlander of Lake Placid at #30.  Linda won a round at the National Grass Court Tournament and 2 rounds at Hardcourts.

The adult rankings are done differently than the junior rankings.  The rankings are only for singles.  We will go over doubles rankings in a future posting.

Congratulations to all of the ranked players from the Northern Region

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