So- How did the Challenger Tennis Blog do with it’s list of up and coming Tennis Players

We have been highlighting players from the Challenger Tennis Blog’s year end listing of players to watch. Only players outside of the top 150 are considered for this list.

So how did they do

There were 14 players. In singles 10 have a better record now than they did at the end of last year. In doubles, 10 of them have a better record now. The list that was made up of players outside of the top 150 in the world now has 4 players, whose singes rankings are inside the top 150. The biggest jump in singles rankings so far is Denis Kudla – an American who jumped 215 spots. In doubles, it was Benoit Paire – a 462 place rise (Dan Cox went from being unranked to being 469 so that may be a better rise in the rankings). The biggest drop was Henri Kontinen – 115 spots. It should be noted that Kontinen was injured for most of the year and played very few tournaments. He is now recovering from surgery. It will be interesting to see how he does if he is able to recover from the surgery. He is a big serve and volleyer. If healthy, he is just the kind of player to test the prevailing theory that serve and volley tennis is dead. In doubles, Thomas Schoorel went from #345 to being unranked; John Millman went from 495 to 944; David Giffin went from 634 to being unranked. The highest current ranking in singles from this group is Benoit Paire at #111, the highest in doubles is Tsung-Hua Yang at #201. I will do a year end recap. Watch for the articles on the remaining players from this list.

PLAYER NAME Singles Ranking Doubles Ranking Singles Ranking Doubles Ranking
Andrea Collarini 580 579 474 436
Andrey Kuzenetsov 231 376 236 344
Benoit Paire 152 795 111 323
Dan Cox 327 Unranked 382 469
David Goffin 229 634 209 Unranked
Denis Kudla 496 543 279 395
Evgeny Donskoy 259 560 137 549
Facundo Arguello 314 718 266 490
Henri Kontinen 273 280 388 249
Javier Marti 335 296 198 258
John Millman 204 495 547 944
Pablo Carreno-Busta 344 545 140 580
Thomas Schoorel 168 345 125 Unranked
Tsung-Hua Yang 304 252 183 201

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