Today’s comments from the Tennis World – Wozniaki and U.S. Davis Cuppers

This is a Tweet from Caroline Wozniacki

The United States Davis Cup Team is getting ready for this weekends Davis Cup tie in Switzerland.  he U.S. team consists of Mardy Fish, John Isner, Ryan Harrison and Mike Bryan.  A formidable team until you consider who is on the other side of the net – Roger Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka – and the court surface – Red Clay.   Here are some of their comments:

Jim Courier

On what he expects in his second year as U.S. Davis Cup Captain

“I certainly feel more comfortable now in my third tie.  I have been with all these guys, except for Ryan, in the heat of battle. That helps for sure.  I will be as active as necessary.  I will say as much as necessary, but these guys are pros; they know what they are doing.  As far as my attire, I will be wearing a suit like I did last year.  That is what I come with.”

Mardy Fish

Mardy Fish

On playing the first match of the tie versus Stan Wawrinka

“I would prefer to play first.  I enjoy knowing what time I play.  On a team note I would like to try to get the team off to a good start.”

John Isner

On the importance of his first serve against Federer on Friday

“In any match, making a lot of first serves is important, especially for me.  I am going to have to hit a high percentage to give myself the best chance of winning. On top of that I am going to have to hit my second serves big. I just can’t roll them in there because he can do everything.  He can hit any shot in the book.”

On playing for the U.S. in a team environment

“It is a different feeling. This is one of the few times of the year you can play four a team. Most of the time you are out there playing for yourself, so anytime you get in a team environment, play for these guys, play for captain courier and play for your country, it is really an honor. You just want to go out there and compete your hardest. That is the only thing you can control is how you compete so I think that is what all of us are going to do. It is only my fourth match so I am not that seasoned in Davis Cup but at the same time it will be lot of fun and I look forward to the opportunity.”

One of the few pictures of Mike Bryan without Bob Bryan

Mike Bryan

On being nominated to play doubles with Ryan Harrison

“We have been practicing all week together. Ryan is a great doubles player. He won Newport last year for his first ATP Tour doubles title, and he has great hands. He has good instincts around the net, and I am excited to play with him. He has big pop on the serve, great returns, and hopefully we will suit up, but if not, these other two guys can play great doubles, too.”  (NOTE: Bob Bryan bacame a father for the first time this past Sunday).

Ryan Harrison

Ryan Harrison

From Tuesday’s Pre-Draw Press Conference

“I am extremely excited to be on the team. It is an honor to represent your country, to be selected, to represent the U.S. it is probably one of the greatest privileges you can have to be around these guys, to play an away tie against the great players here. It is going to be a great experience, just being part of the preparation, part of the team, is something I am really soaking in and trying to take in as much of the experience as I can.“


Harrison & Bryan from Ryan Harrison's Tweets




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