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No-Cut School Tennis Teams – WATCH NOW

Click the link above to watch a video on No Cut Tennis with Dave Steinbach.

“David Steinbach and Bill Wagstaff are perfect examples of the essence of a No-Cut coach and the USTA is proud to honor them,” said Kirk Anderson, Director of Recreational Coaches and Programs, USTA. “As accomplished and experienced coaches, these two men have made a positive impact on their schools, as well as on the sport of tennis.”

Steinbach has been coaching tennis for 29 years. This season, his Brookfield High School team consisted of 107 girls and 97 boys. Throughout Steinbach’s coaching career, he has won more than 400 dual matches with his girls’ team and 390 dual matches with his boys’ team, and has coached both of his teams to 13 state titles and 13 runner-up finishes in Wisconsin.

No-Cut School Tennis Teams

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No-Cut School Tennis Teams play a critical role in growing tennis by allowing students of all abilities to join a team representing their school. This opportunity helps create well rounded student athletes, develops leadership and teaches responsibility.


Register as a No-Cut Coach Today!

Register & access the no-cut team site 

If you are already part of the registry, refer another coach to sign up and you will be entered into a drawing to receive a USTA thank you gift.

Students, Coaches and Schools benefit from No-Cut Teams:

  • A no-cut policy sends a message that developing kids is important to the coach and the school.
  • Schools gain more support from parents and the community by offering everyone a chance to participate – regardless of ability.
  • A positive experience on a no-cut team will encourage students continue to participate in this lifetime sport beyond high school.
  • “Tennis players score higher in vigor, optimism, and self-esteem, and lower indepression, anger, confusion, anxiety and tension than other athletes and non-athletes”, according to Dr. Joan Finn, Southern Connecticut State University.
  • Veteran No-Cut Coaches also typically have higher winning percentages because they have a larger player pool.

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  1. Dave Steinbach is the coach at Brookfield Central High School which is in WISCONSIN!

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