More from Wayne Bryan

Address the glut of college players in American college tennis. This is the big elephant in our tennis living room. The USTAhas never taken a stand on this. They even put out a White Paper saying basically that there is no problem. I chaired a panel discussion on this two years ago and the four USTA Staffers at the table all said American kids are “no good” and “lazy”. Huh?! There are several million dollars in tennis scholarships going to foreing players whose parents do not spend dollar one in taxes for education in this country. In this dire economy this is unconscionable it seems to me.

Baylor wins the NCAA Team Title a couple of years ago with six foreign players. What do we do? We make their head man theITA Coach of the Year! (NOTE: ITA is the Intercollegiate Tennis Association).

European soccer and Japanese baseball have quotas re foreign players. As Steve Bellamy points out, to be Miss America you must be from the US. To be President of the United States you must be Born in the USA as Bruce Springstein would sing.

One foreign player per team? – – – fine – – – helps international good will and is a nice broadening experience for the guys on the team – – – six foregn
players?! – – – I say the emperor has no clothes. I say burn it down and start over again. Time for a revolt. Carthage must be destroyed!

It is time for the USTA to stand up and be counted on this issue. It is our USTA juniors who are losing out and paying the price. This glut of foreign players is chilling US junior tennis. When their is no fruit or flowers on the top, the vine dies.

Restore Junior Doubles Rankings. More programming, promotion and coaching for doubles. If we had more doubles programming, promotion, and coaching we could quadruple the number of kids playing tennis. Doubles gives our sport more width and breadth. Doubles is fun for juniors and it really rounds out skills and teaches additional life lessons – – – and some youngsters just love the “team thing”. Plus, it gives them a second chance if they lose their singles match at a tournament. And don’t forget Mixed Doubles – – – boys and girls truly love that and there are also great life lessons inherent in Mixed.

More emphasis on JTT. More zonals and intersectionals.

More support for HS Tennis. Have State Championships. Then a National HS Championship at the US Open for the top boys and girls team from each state.

There will be one more posting based on this letter from Wayne Bryan.  I want to give his idea a forum and let you, the readers, draw your own conclusions.

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