If the Pro’s Don’t Do it

This is from the Zoo Tennis Blog.  It refers to an article on the Parenting Aces blog.  There is a link to the article at the end.

Lisa at the ParentingAces.com blog went to the BNP Paribas Open last weekend and wrote this spot-on piece about her observations entitled “If the Pros Do It…” What I found so refreshing about this post is Lisa’s unwillingness to buy into preconceived notions about top professionals. Because they are so consistently good at winning tennis matches, we tend to assign all kinds superhuman powers to them, and then when we watch tennis matches, we seek to confirm that they are somehow different, distinctive, oblivious to the pressures and emotions of competition. Lisa was having none of that, and she makes a good point, after seeing Nadal and Djokovic pout and slump, that maybe we shouldn’t expect quite so much of junior players, who are still developing and maturing, after all.


Read the article here at Parenting Aces:


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