Roomate prank

Found this thread on Reddit – This picture and the text associated with it started a conversation – Highlights below.

So I had a few thousand extra tennis balls laying around, thought maybe I would give them to my roommate. (

Pringles was originally a tennis ball company. FACT.

(editor’s note: This is not actually true but it was a one liner by the late comedian Mitch Hedberg – I think Pringles’ initial intention was to make tennis balls, but on the day that the rubber was supposed to show up, a big truckload of potatoes arrived. And Pringles is a laid-back company — they said, …… Cut ’em up.’)

ah! so thats the load pringles never got.

Pringles have roughly the equivalent nutritional value as a tennis ball. FACT.

If he has a dog, it’s going to be so excited

Us dog owners just walk our dogs around the tennis court and find them for free.

Dog Heaven

My dogs dream car



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