Roger Federer Will Not Retire Until At Least 2016


From the “Tennis Times” blog – CLICK HERE to visit the blog

Roger Federer has announced that he doesn’t plan on retiring until at least 2016.

Roger Federer as a Child - From Celebrity Childhood Photo's

“I won’t be retiring after the London Olympics. I hope to be playing many more years to come. Haven’t set a date or thought about it in any way. In fact, I’m hoping now to play Rio” — host city for the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.


2 responses

  1. Retire please

  2. Why should he retire? Because he lost to Andy Murray after a 4 and half hour match a day and a half before? Whatever your logic is, this man will use the loss in London to keep him going till he finally get that career golden slam. I predict he will still win at least 3 more grand slams. Who should retire is your boy Nadal who, if he keeps playing the way he does, will not have any kind of cartilage left in his knees by the time he reaches Federer’s age.

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