Adirondack Tennis Goes Beyond the Adirondack’s

Over the past year, people in 61 different countries have read the Adirondack Tennis blog.  Thanks to a new feature from WordPress we now know what country people are in who are reading this blog – yesterday alone we had people in 11 different countries viewing the blog.   Last year, we even had one viewer from Mauritius.  Alright, I’ll admit, I had no idea where Mauritius is.  This just shows how truly international the sport of tennis is.  I am just not that sure that a local bowling blog would have been viewed 7 times in the last week in Turkey, or a regional darts blog would have been seen in India yesterday.

So, do they really play tennis in Mauritius and where in the world is Mauritius.  Well, on the southeastern coast of Africa is the nation of Mozambique.  Off the coast of Mozambique is Madagascar.  Past Madagascar is a small island called Reunion.  Past Reunion is the Island nation of Mauritius.   Mauritius is 2,040 km2 – for comparison purposes it is slightly smaller than Saratoga County (2,140 km2) and but larger than Albany County (1,380 km2).

So is there tennis on Mauritius? As a matter of fact there have been a few ATP players from Mauritius.

Kamil Patel –  played from 1999 to 2003.  His highest singles ranking was 570 in singles and 328 in doubles.  Kamil had career earnings of $17,831.  Kamil Patel was a pro tennis player on the ATP tour for nine years. He , played Wimbledon, the French Open and the US Open. He was Roger Federer‘s practice partner in March 2004 and he was also the personal coach of Nicolas Sarkozy the French president. Now Kamil owns and manages a tennis coaching company that works in resorts in Mauritius.  Kamil has the most Davis Cup wins of any player, playing for Mauritius.  His record is 18-11.  Mauritius has not fielded a Davis Cup team since 2007.

Jean-Francois Merven – Reached a career high of 1294 singles, 1239 doubles.  Career earnings $350.

Jean Marcel Bourgaul Du Coudray – Made it to a career high #743 in singles and #342 in doubles.  His career started in 1998 and ended in 2002.  His career earnings were only $4,139.  He as the most Davis Cup appearances for a Mairitian (4 years) and has a record of 11-16.  His best surface was hard courts where he was 7-2.

Bruno Gorayah – played 8 Davis Cup matches and teamed with Kamil Patel to form the most successful Davis Cup doubles team in Mauritus history.  His Davis Cup record is 8-5.

Marinne Giraud–  (born 23 April 1986 in Floreal, Mauritius) is a Mauritian professional tennis player. At the end of 2008, she was ranked 288th in the world making her the number 1 Mauritian female tennis player.

Giraud first played for Mauritius in the Fed Cup in 2007.  Her Year-End WTA Ranking are as follows: 817th (2004), 618th (2005), 591st (2006), 293rd (2007) and 288th (2008).  Career singles record of 119-95.  Her career doubles record is 41-44.  She won $50,579 over the course of her career.


Mauritius Listeni/məˈrɪʃəs/ (Mauritian CreoleMorisFrenchMauricepronounced: [mɔˈʁis]), officially the Republic of Mauritius (Mauritian CreoleRepublik MorisFrenchRépublique de Maurice) is an island nation off the southeast coast of the African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean, about 870 kilometres (540 mi) east of Madagascar. In addition to the island of Mauritius, the Republic includes the islands of Cargados CarajosRodrigues and the Agalega Islands. Mauritius Island is part of the Mascarene Islands, with the French island of Réunion 170 km (110 mi) to the southwest and the island of Rodrigues 570 km (350 mi) to the east. The area of Mauritius is 2040 km2; its capital city is Port Louis.

The United Kingdom took control of the islands in 1810, from France during the Napoleonic Wars, and Mauritius became independent from the UK in 1968. It is a parliamentary republic and is a member of the Southern African Development Community, the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, the African UnionLa Francophonie and theCommonwealth of Nations. Mauritius has an upper middle income economy.

The main languages spoken in Mauritius are Mauritian CreoleFrench and English. English is the only official language but the lingua franca is Mauritian Creole and the newspapers and television programmes are usually in French. Asian languages also form part of the linguistic mosaic.[1] The country’s populace is composed of several ethnicities, including Indian, African, Chinese and French. The first European explorers found no indigenous people living on the island.

The island of Mauritius was the only home of the dodo (Raphus cucullatus). This bird was an easy prey to settlers because of its weight and inability to fly, and became extinct fewer than eighty years after the initial European colonization.

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    Mauritius is Known as “Ile De France”( island Of France) &” Paradise Island” Back in the Day.And No Kidding,as I Grew Up There!!!Lucky!!!!Extremely Beautiful and So Quiet,as You Could Hear a Pin Drop.Go to Mauritius,not Only For its Beauty,the People,the Serenity,But go there For the Food!!!The Tastiest,Freshest,Exotic Food you’d Ever Taste in your Life.Just Imagine-Indian/Creole/Chinese and French cuisine coming together!!!Mouth is watering,just thinking about it.Miam Miam!!!

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